I grew up in Prairieville, Louisiana on a cattle farm. My dad still raises cattle on the same land his father did. At some point, I started caring about where my food came from. I started caring about the Earth, feeling closer to its rhythm in my own life. I asked my dad to point me to some farmer friends of his who grow vegetables. He looked at me the way he does when he thinks I’ve said something foolish: “There are no dirt farmer’s around here anymore.”


There are still a few. I support those farmers who are still growing and those who are beginning to learn.

I am most inspired when I’m cooking from what is available, what’s grown nearby. It’s when cooking feels like honoring those whose hands are still in the soil — those who see the continuation of growing as a life-giving, worthy vocation.


Dirt Farmer’s Table is a small catering company based in New Orleans that works with farms and producers in our region to create thoughtful offerings that embody what is growing around us. I cook mostly vegetables, but not only.


Adrien Martin 

For all inquiries, email adrien@dirtfarmerstable.com